The continuing misrepresentation of those aged over 50 is a phenomenon of the marketing and advertising industry. With only 5% of advertising positioned towards this huge market, despite them accounting for 23% of the UK population, it’s no wonder that over-50s feel neglected. Every few months, we see results of studies and polls that claim older audiences are feeling misrepresented, and that marketers, in general, are too young to even fully understand how to connect with this demographic on a level that is going to inspire or influence.  

Technology, fashion, and entertainment appear to be the sectors that suffer the most, with some actively avoiding brands that outright ignore their age group. Unsurprisingly, older audiences are equally tired of being characterised as out-of-touch ‘boomers’, especially when 51% believe they have become more open-minded as they have got older.  

So, what does the data say about this lucrative and complex audience? To set the record straight, we have compiled a few facts that may surprise you about those aged 50 and above: 

This article was first published by the Mature Marketing Association in January 2020 

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