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Silver Marketing Awards 2023

We were delighted to launch the inaugural Silver Marketing Awards for 2023, in partnership with our Headline Sponsor Channel 4, that recognised and celebrated the companies and individuals who have delivered a successful marketing campaign since January 2022, focusing on the older demographic and showing creativity, empathy and measurable results.
The awards were presented following the Silver Marketing Summit. Our host was the inimitable and entertaining Derek Jones, and the soundtrack of memorable melodies is courtesy of Global. Eight awards in total attracted entries judged by a panel of experts, each a specialist in their field and with many years of experience. In the interests of of impartiality, the judges were not allocated any category where there might have been a potential conflict of interest. The Awards were open to both members and non-members of the Silver Marketing Association, and we received a wealth of entries across many different industry sectors.

Silver Marketing Summit 2023 - Attendee feedback

Showcasing just some of the feedback from the 2023 Silver Marketing Summit.

Silver Marketing Summit 2023 - Session 4

The final session of the day features a view from the Agencies - With an average employee age of around 28 years, how do agencies put together campaigns for their clients whose audience is several decades older? Representatives from two leading marketing agencies each present a case study, Rik Moore, Managing Partner of Strategy, The Kite Factory and Jasman Ahmad, Strategy Director, Accord Marketing share their case studies.

The final panel session for the day features the Workplace in your 50s, 60s and beyond – how to market to older workers?It’s a hot topic with over 300,000 more people aged 50+ deemed economically inactive since before the pandemic. Are they really all on the golf course? How are companies marketing to recruit & retain an older workforce? Panel discussion & audience Q&A. Featuring - Steve Butler – Chief Executive, Punter Southall Aspire, Vernon Hogg – Co-founder, Silverpreneurs, Lucy Standing – Co-founder, Brave Start, Mike Mansfield – CEO, ProAge Moderator – Steve Huxham, Policy & Public Affairs Director, Silver Marketing Association

Silver Marketing Summit 2023 - Session 3

After lunch the topic is very much around, Who wants to live forever? What does the future of ageing look like, and how will marketing strategies adapt? Our keynote speakers each take 15 minutes to present their case.
The Health Challenge - There are increasing levels of ill-health in the older population. UK citizens spend 20% of their life in poor health on average and there is a 20 year difference in healthy life expectancy between the richest and the poorest. How can the nation age more healthily in the future, and what is the role that marketing can play in communicating key messages?Tina Woods – Founder & CEO, Collider Health and Business for Health
The Product Design Challenge - Designing new products with practical applications for the ageing population is at the heart of the Design Age Institute’s work which includes the work / space environment, health and mobility. Colum will be speaking about design and bringing new products to market as well as showcasing a selection of his ongoing projects. - Colum Lowe – Director, Design Age Institute
The Digital Challenge - Ageing is becoming increasingly digital. How is age tech currently being marketed, and how can we understand the best way to use AI and the latest assistive tools like ChatGPT to create content that inspires older people to buy products and services? Marshall Davies – Account Director, Greenwood Campbell
The Business Challenge - Drawing together what we have heard so far, Nic Palmarini explores how businesses can engage with consumers to develop products for healthy ageing and understand the marketing challenges. What is VOICE and how can it empower new narratives? Nic Palmarini – Director , National Innovation Centre for Ageing

Silver Marketing Summit 2023 - Session 2

Crossing the Channels - Experts from Radio, Print, PR, Direct Mail & Digital each pitch their case as to why their channel is suited to a mature audience, followed by a lively panel discussion with Q&A from the audience. RADIO – David Lloyd – Co-Founder, Boom Radio, PRINT – Mark Palmer – Travel & Property Editor, Daily Mail, PR – Grace Parker – Partner, FINN Partners, DIRECT MAIL – Lance Hill -Managing Director, 8 Days a Week Print Solutions , DIGITAL – Luke Hand – Head of Insights, Mail Metro Media, Moderator – Steve Dunne, CEO Digital Drums

Silver Marketing Summit 2023 - Session 1

Debbie Marshall, Managing Director, Silver Marketing Association opens the day, followed by an opportunity to meet the Shades of Silver Consumer Panel -Tony Ineson, Deb Merrifield, Glynis Sullivan, Roger Bray. Jennie Carr moderates a panel discussion after Lisa has spoken.
Understanding the Ageing Mind follows with Lisa Edgar, Chief Customer Officer, Saga Group plc an expert in consumer ageing and she talks about how the decision-making process changes with age. How do older people react to advertising and marketing messages from both a rational and an emotional standpoint at different stages of later life? She covers implications for Marketeers.
Next is Wise Up to TV - How can brands connect effectively with the older generation? Wise Up!, created jointly by ITV and System1, the global experts in ad effectiveness, present a guidebook for making ads with greater appeal to older people. It celebrates the brands which make ads that appeal to the over 55s and explores the key themes that make those ads effective revealing why better representation of older people in ads is a vital commercial goal. With ITV launching ITVX as viewing habits continue to evolve, this has further implications for the future of advertising effectiveness. The session is presented by Jason Spencer – Business Development Director, ITV and Chiara Manco – Creative & Media Partnerships Director, System1

Silver Marketing Summit - Session 1

The Silver Marketing Summit offers marketer the opportunity to enjoy a full day of expert speakers and networking sessions.

Google insights into the 55+ market
Adam Hetherington – Agency Development Manager, Google Customer Solutions

Advertising’s Unconscious Bias: Marketing to the over 50s
Jasman Ahmad – Strategy Director, Accord Marketing

The Audio Revolution
Tony McAllister – Partnerships Development Director – Global

Iain Dale – Presenter of LBC’s weekday evening show & host of “For the Many” Podcast

Silver Marketing Summit - Session 2

How dare you talk to me like that!?
Michael King, Managing Director, Senior Response

Keeping it relevant for over half a century
Louise Robinson – Editor, Saga Magazine

What do mid-life women really really want?
Eleanor Mills – former editor of the Sunday Times Magazine and founder of Noon

Silver Marketing Summit - Session 3

Mirror on the Industry – Representation of Older People in TV Advertising
Katya Des-Etages – Research Executive Channel 4
Felicity Ive – Senior Client Lead Channel 4
Meta Redstedt – Global Master Brand & Communications Director, Essity.
Laura Hazell – Board Account Director, AMV BBDO

Marketing, financial advice and the 50+ audience
Karen Barrett, Founder & CEO of Unbiased

Effective brand positioning – tools for targeting older clients
Rachel Pease – Head of Marketing & Communications – Pure Retirement

Silver Marketing Summit - Session 4

Imagery and language in advertising and marketing
Jess Kuehne – Senior Programme Manager – Centre for Ageing Better

Flow Like Water – the evolution of Silver Magazine
Sam Harrington-Lowe – Founder & Managing Editor, Silver Magazine

Expert Panel – Lifestyle & Travel Behaviour
Jon Worsnop: Deputy Editor, Weekend Magazine, Mail Metro Media
Cat Jordan: Communications Director, Travelzoo
Stuart Lewis: CEO, Rest Less
Lisa McAuley: Managing Director, Silver Travel Advisor
Moderator: Sally Winfield, CEO Accord Marketing