It seemed the knowledge Suzie Rees has accumulated as a tour guide in Wales would be wasted when a leg injury stopped her leading groups at the age of 59. But support from Prime Cymru, an organisation that helps mature people find work and start businesses, has enabled her to continue working into he 60s – by going digital. She now sells audio tours of towns such as Caerphilly (see title image)to visitors who download a mobile app. The content has been professionally produced, allowing her to continue using her expertise through a passion for storytelling and local history. It’s a vivid example of how older people can overcome deterrents to rejoining the UK’s depleted workforce. Ms Rees says Prime Cymru understood she had more to contribute to the world of work. “”I think it was actually quite important that they weren’t going to treat me like they would treat an 18-year-old coming out of school because I had different life skills, and that was actually quite important. It’s somebody standing with you, and helping you to be the best that you can be.”