Age brings experience and wisdom. Mature workers are usually able to offer a better service. Yet ageism in the hiring process is still a huge issue. So says Roger Runswick, managing director of The 50plus, which focuses on providing a range of needs for that age group, such as home repairs and easy to use technology solutions. Roger was 50 when he launched the company and is now in his 70s. Around 70% of its workforce is over 65. Writing in its magazine he lists other advantages of employing older people: “Firstly employers enjoy a reduced turnover of personnel. For many industries this can be a big issue and people in this age group are often looking to stick with one job for the rest of their employment. They have experimented, often worked across multiple sectors, and know what they enjoy. Aside from this, they know what their capabilities are and what they are good at.” Because they are less financially driven, they are working because they want to be active, or to top up their pensions. And because they are health conscious they have “far better awareness” of health and safety protocols.