Six women over 50 were given the opportunity to be models for the day as part of an effort to tackle fashion industry ageism. In the words of Emma Twyning, the Centre for Ageing Better’s director of Communications and Policy; “It generated some really beautiful images – no airbrushing out of wrinkles or blemishes or alterations to women’s real body shapes. No conforming to the ‘kooky’ older-women-in-fashion stereotypes. No wearing old-fashioned clothing or women devoid of sexuality which so many people told us in a survey made them feel bad about ageing.” The Centre collaborated with The Bias Cut and its Ageism is never in Style campaign, founded by Jacynth Bassett. “It feels like things are beginning to change”, says Ms Twyning, “ as some for-ward-thinking brands wake up to their changing customer profile, but it’s slow progress. I’m delighted to say that just over three days our images have already been downloaded thousands of times. The results speak for themselves.”