The fashion market is ripe for new ideas as the closure of many department stores prompts fifty-something consumers to reassess where they shop, says Jo Jenkins, chief executive of White Stuff. “By the age of 50, I think people are more confident in what they are happy to wear and know what they’re looking for. Our unique, more independent point of view on style appeals to that customer who is just looking for something a bit different and not wanting to follow the pack, the usual fashion trends, and be a slave to what we read and see, and every other image,” she told the Observer newspaper. “These are women and men that still want to express themselves through style, still have a desire to spend money and enjoy clothing. And I think this is a great opportunity. It is the best part of the clothing sector in a tough market.” Ms Jenkins, who is 55, asks: “What’s 50 today? It’s nothing, is it? I feel like I am just getting going and embracing the next chapter in my life.”
(Image courtesy White Stuff)