Do your shoulders slump in despair as University Challenge contestants answer questions in nanoseconds? Take heart – the gap in brain sharpness between yound and old appears to be narrowing. A series of studies suggests cognitive performance among older adults is improving, with only five per cent deteriorating. In contrast  cognition among younger people has remained relatively flat. And one reason could be mental stimulation though increasing internet use among older generations. Lead researcher lead researcher Dr Stephen Badham, associate professor in psychology at Nottingham Trent University’s School of Social Science says: “Much existing research shows that IQ has been improving globally throughout the 20th century. This means that later-born generations are more cognitively able than those born earlier. “However, there is growing evidence that time-based increases in IQ are levelling off, such that in the most recent couple of decades, young adults are no more cognitively able than those born shortly beforehand. As a result, the current data show that young adult advantages in cognition relative to older adults, such as memory ability and speed of processing, are now getting smaller over time.”