Pam Ayres says she finds it “quite amusing” that she’s 77 – “because I don’t feel any different from the way I did in my 20s. Something of a reminder, that, to younger people tempted to write off those in the years of mellow fruitfulness. On Good Friday, Pam Ayres revealed to viewers of Channel 4’s Countdown that she was learning to play the piano, wishing she’d done it much earlier and confessing – in a memorable line of verse of course – that she might “slaughter Stravinsky”. In a new interview with the Press Association she says she’s picky now about TV appearances: “I’ve been asked to do Strictly but I look like a shire horse so I don’t want to do that”. She keeps fit walking and tries no to worry about getting older because she’s having such a good time.

(Accompanying image courtesy Roger Green via Wikimedia Commons)