Increases in the number of over 50s in employment have stalled since the onset of the pandemic. Despite a full bounce back for people aged 35-49, recovery in employment rates for 50-64 year olds still lag behind the pre Covid peak. These are among a wide range of facts assembled by the Centre for Ageing Better in its latest, sweeping, annual overview of growing older in the UK. It says many of those who fall out of the labour market in their 50s and 60s do so because of a lack of flexibility in the workplace, age discrimination in hiring and employment support services which do not meet their needs. The report presents a worrying picture of inequalities, noting, for example, “significant differences in employment rates between ethnic groups. A third of people over 65 either don’t have or can’t afford to use the internet at home – many of them, disabled or from minority backgrounds, as well as those simply unable to afford it. And it calls for an “ageing society strategy” with a clear plan to reduce such inequalities in later life.