The number of baby boomers wanting to work past state pension age has risen sharply over the past five years, a new survey shows. Yet anecdotal evidence suggests some are being forced out of full time work in their late 50s and early 60s. Meanwhile half expect to spend around the same in retirement on a basket of of items including cars, holidays, and eating out. The research comes from business services and technology company Dunstan Thomas, which conducted a similar survey in 2017. Since then the proportion of those who anticipate carrying full or part time – or who are already doing so to supplement their incomes – has increased from 56% to 71%. The survey’s authors say its findings “have considerable implications for employers, many of whom are now struggling to recruit and retain the skills and expertise offered by older workers in the wake of the pandemic”. They found 17% of boomers were planning to downsize “to part-fund their dreams in retirement”, against 8% planning equity release. Of these, 7% said it was to afford travelling, and/or holiday expenses and 5% to release money in anticipation of long term care bills.