Are current delays in issuing driving licences putting pressure on the Government to toughen rules that allow silver drivers to stayon the road? Is there a threat that ageism could make it more difficult for older adults to use their cars? At present, drivers must renew their licences at 70 and every three years after that. But Emma Ward, the Department for Transport’s director of roads, has suggested to MPs on the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee that the laws surrounding motorists’ medical fitness should be re-examined. “We are very concious that the legislation underpinning the driver medical has not been looked at for a very long time. We have an ageing population, we have more people that want to drive for longer, indeed we have more people that hold licences for a much longer period of time,” she said. “We have a significant number of over-seventies who hold licences and want to drive.” However, advocates for older people will be quick to point out that silvers are staying fitter for longer and should not be penalised for delays which are not of their making.