The proportion of self employed over-50s (48%) in the UK is nearly double that of younger people, according to a new analysis from Rest Less. Their number has risen by 18% over the past decade. In 2012 there were 17,741,996. Last year there were 2,055,843. Respectively just under one in five over-50s were self employed then, against one in ten in 2022. Stuart Lewis, chief executive of the digital community for those in their fifties and beyond., said: “The long term rise in self-employment amongst the over 50s is a significant trend that reflects changing attitudes towards work and retirement amongst this generation. As people are living longer, they are increasingly looking for ways to remain engaged and active in the workforce for longer too.” But he also pinted the finger at employers, noting that many were “shut out of thr workplacv du to a lack of flexible working opportunities and rampant age discrimination”.