Five tips for spotting whether a potential employer is silver friendly have been listed by Rest Less, the online  over-50s community. Its first warning, though it is not alone in highlighting the problem, is insensitivity to the need for an age inclusive job description. Does it use terms such as “digital native” or “highly energetic” – or “tech savvy”, which it believes also puts off younger workers? On the other hand does it simply set out the knowledge and skills needed? The advice also suggests noting whether the firm’s 0lder employees are represented on its website or via its social media and checking whether itoffers age relevant initiatives such a menopause support, flexible working and “midlife MOT programmes”. Rest Less chief executive Stuart Lewis says: “We work with a range of different organisations who are in the process of revising their workplace benefits, policies and hiring practices to ensure they are inclusive of all age groups. It’s becoming commonplace for age-inclusive organisations to offer robust policies on menopause, support for individuals who need to care for their own parents – and not just their children – flexible working options for all employees, equal access to training opportunities alongside many other age inclusive initiatives. We are calling on organisations who are not yet intentionally embracing age in their teams to get in touch to find out how they can maximise the enormous talent opportunity lying right in front of us.”