Employers need to shift attitudes to hiring if they are to to tackle workforce shortages by luring back early retirees, the Chartered Management Institute warns. Its chief executive Anne Francke says they could be lured back if they were offered training and flexible working options, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said on Friday firms would find it difficult to grow if they could not find enough staff. “So, to those who retired early after the pandemic, or haven’t found the right roile after furlough, I say: Britain needs you”, he urged, But the CMI, in a recent survey, found ony 18% of managers were “open to a large extent” to taking on people over 65. That compared with 74% who were similarly inclined to hire 18-34 year olds and 64% when it came to those in the 34-49 age group. Ms Francke says this indicates“cultural and leadership failingsfs in businesses of all sizes, and that needs to change”.