A group of fifty high profile women over 50 has been assembled by television retail giant QVC in the US as it turbocharges efforts to engage older women. They include the former tennis star and Wimbledon champion Billie Jean King and lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. The initiative stems from a YouGov poll showing only 31% of 50+ women “felt supported by brands and 62% of those aged 50-70 feel that society viewed life after 50 as a time of decline. The company said its “Age of Possibility” campaign was designed to help women over 50 “seize what’s next from a life stage that is too often ignored and under supported by mainstream brands”. It aimed to reflect 50+ “for what is really is: a vibrant stage of life, full of new questions, changes, opportunities and hopes”. Other big names in its “Quintessential 50” group include  those of music stars Petti LaBelle and Queen Latifah, and actor Christina Applegate.

(Image by Jonathan Exley via Wikimedia Commons)