A silver manifesto for the winners of the coming General election has been launched by Age UK. The charity calls for income security through tetenion of the pension triple lock, a reliable NHS enabling older people to see their GP quickly, get treatment “within a reasonable timescale” and decent long term care when needed – plus a long term plan to seize the opportunities and tackle the challenges of an ageing population. It says older people’s voices should be heard when big decisions that affect them are taken. The manifesto has been drawn up on the basis of widespread polling among over-50s and input from 16,700 online campaigners. As a country, it says, “we are yet to fully grasp the realities of an ageing population, or take the steps required to fully realise the benefits”, arguing that publication of a White Paper – or similar mechanic” – on the topic is long overdue. And it notes that “we cannot continue to discount all tht the over-50s offer in the workplace and beyond. It’s not fair and it’s a criminal waste of talent and experience at the time when out economy is stuttering and every contribution counts. Ageism is holding many older people back and needs tackling once and for all”.