Age bias appears to have swung back in favour of young female models,. One theory is that brands have become more cautious since the pandemic. Another is that they are picking those with a strong followings on social media. Alerx Bruni, 66, had been idemand since 2013, modelling for the likes of Vogue Italia and GQ China as well as getting catwalk work. She says: “Until 2017 its was great: brands were really focusing on older women ageing beautifully and embracing life. But since Covid it’s been dire, Miranda Cantacuzene, agency director of Elite Model Management, says that though demand for older male models remained strong, there were fewer calls from luxury brands for older female models. And designer Ira Iceberg, founder of London fashion house IA, who uses older models for shoots and catwalk shows, says she has noticed a “dramatic decline” in other brands doiing likewise – not only in the UK but around the world. “You could tell that brands were never comfortable about using older femake models: they either had them showing too much skin or no skin. It was as though they were trying to do something about this woman being old – like she wasn’t a normal person.”. She believes real change will take time and that fashion designere need to be “systematically” educated to be open to different ideas of beauty”.