Broadcaster Angela Rippon says she wants her Strictly Come Dancing appearance to encourage others of advanced years to get out on the dance floor. Asked on BBC 4’s Today programme if she was “in it to win it”, she said that at 78 – “knocking on the door of 79” – she was “in it to prove a point”. “We are an ageing population and if I can get across the message that I’ve been working on with television and documentaries and other things that I do, like being an ambassador for the Silver Swans programme that the Royal Academy of Dance do, that in our 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s even, that dance is the best exercise for mind and body, we can keep ourselves fit and we can go into our senior years much fitter, much healthier and much stronger and in the long run, probably save the NHS qujite a lot of money.” For those with the BBC Sounds app the interview can be found at about 7.43 am (Monday Sept 25).