What are the chances, age wise,  of scoring a century? Is it too late at 60 to undo decades of beer and barbecues? Those are the questions posed by Phil Daoust, who is about to chart his progress in a new Guardian column “Fit for Ever”. To kick off, he went for a health MOT, and while he had already started running regularly, eating healthily, and had renounced heavy drinking, was shocked to be told there were indications he  had “mild first degree heartblock” (the good news on later advice from a cardiologist was that the rhythmic abnormality detected was “a normal variant” and didn’t warrant further investigation”). He asked the doctor who examined him originally – “and spent 60 minutes discussing my physical and mental health” – how long he could expect to live. “Into your mid to late 80s, came the “underwhelming ” reply. And how much of that time would be healthy? “I’ve had 70 year olds here doing the Ironman”.  One man’s experiences hardly add up to a statistical survey, of course, but from a marketing viewpoint his reports should represent those of a growing army of silvers.