Silvers born in the poast war period from 1946 to 1964 are helping to push ujp prices with their “spending splurges”, according to a feature in the Obserrver newspaper. With final salary scheme pensions boosted by currentl;y generous interest rates on their savings – some as high as 7% – 8% and estimated to be worth a staggertng £1.7 trillion over the course of this year, they are taking expensive, post Covid bucket list holidays again and spendng around 60% more than the national average on recreation and culture. The article cites one shadow over their incomes however: the Government has been mulling over a pause in the state pension triple lock, though whether or not Ministers will dare do so at a time when when election defeat appears inevitable must surely be in doubt. And it fails to point out that for those silvers leaving their nest eggs in shares the economic clmate has been less encouraging.,