Are you ageist? That’s the question being asked in an online quiz devised by the Centre for Ageing Better, which has just launched a new three year campaign against the problem. Its latest research make clear the pernicious impact of ageism. It shows people in their 50s and 60s suffer most commonly in work (37%) while 32% experience it as consumers. Social media, television programmes, films or news reports, are found guilty by 32%, a proportion that rises to 44% of over-70s, among whom 23% cite public transport. The Centre says its campaign “makes the case that ageism, whilst often dismissed as being harmless, is actually detrimental to the lives of millions of people, impacting their opportunities, livelihoods, health and mental wellbeing. This has a knock-on effect on our productivity and the economy. As our population is rapidly ageing, ageism has the potential to cause significant harm to our society in the future.”