Almost four in five women over 50 say their age group is patronised by advertisers, a new survey suggests. And an even more stunning 85% feel ads aimed at older people rely on stereotypes. The figures come from websites Gransnet and Mumsnet, which surveyed over 1000 of their users. Asked to rank common marketing mistakes 63% said brands didn’t realise that “50 isn’t old”; 61% objected the the assumption that older people are a homogenous group, rather than individuals; 55% hated words such as “older”, , “mature”, “senior” amd (sad though it is for us to read) “silver”; 28% disliked the casting of models and actors who were too young while on the other hand more than a quarter (28%) didn’t like them too old. Brands cited (by 77%) as getting it right were L’Oreal, Dove, White Hot Hair and M&S. And 41% were felt positive about magazine advertising.