The Silver Marketing Association have launched a new report offering insight into segmenting the over 50s market, in collaboration with lifetime mortgage lender Pure Retirement, and with a range of expert contributors including Let’s Talk Ageing.

The report segments the over 50s demographic into categories split by age, lifestyle and life-stage, examining key attributes and points of interest as well as detailed communications preferences. It’s a practical and pragmatic guide for use by marketers as a reference tool to understand the over 50s audience and to develop meaningful campaigns by segmenting and engaging this diverse consumer group.

The UK has an increasingly ageing population with over 22,500,000 consumers aged 50+, representing over 35% of the UK population. It has been historically difficult to relate to and communicate with this complex older audience, and as a result it’s a demographic too often ignored, or simply categorised into one homogenous sector. The new report is designed to simplify this challenge, enabling marketers to actively engage these customers by collating invaluable insight from a wealth of expert contributors.

The project was initiated by the Silver Marketing Association, following the success of 2021’s award winning Brand Research Report into the over 50s market, led by Rachel Pease, Head of Marketing at Pure Retirement.

Debbie Marshall, Managing Director of the Silver Marketing Association commented, “We wanted to work further with Pure Retirement, delving deeper into this diverse demographic, and examining the ways in which they can be better understood. Segmenting the silver audience is an area of key importance for marketers who want to better comprehend its characteristics and behavioural trends. It’s been a pleasure working with our partners at Pure Retirement, Let’s Talk Ageing, and Mash Marketing, and we hope that our report will be a useful tool for marketing teams across all industry sectors.”

Rachel added, “It’s a priority for us at Pure Retirement to continually develop resources for financial advisers to better understand and engage their over 50s customers. It was a privilege to work with expert contributors also including Experian, Dementia Adventure, Rest Less and Noon, to create a meaningful report that we hope will really make a difference to the positive engagement of the later life market.”

50 Shades of Silver: Segmenting the over 50s by Age, Lifestyle and Life Stage report is available from The Silver Marketing Association and Pure Retirement.

Silver Marketing Association

The Silver Marketing Association is a B2B membership organisation, with a mission to connect and inform businesses and individuals with an interest in marketing to older consumers, which picked up the baton from its predecessor, the Mature Marketing Association in 2022. Passionate about ethical marketing, the Silver Marketing Association calls out discrimination and ageism as well as creating a public voice for its members. Member benefits include regular information updates, newsletters, access to research and white papers, free access to the Experian data platform, HR advice, free webinars and discounted tickets to the annual summit which will take place on June 27th 2023, in Central London.

Pure Retirement

Pure Retirement is a Lifetime Mortgage Lender, based in Leeds, committed to supporting financial advisers and their later life customers to enjoy the retirement they deserve. Dedicated to providing educational resources on the market and its customer demographic, they have developed an adviser toolkit which continually evolves in line with changing trends and customer needs. The most recent addition was last year’s award-winning research report on Effective Brand Positioning for the Over 50s market, promoted in collaboration with the Silver Marketing Association.

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