The Silver Marketing Association respects a number of guiding principles in our work to promote best practice marketing to older people. We strive to be a public voice for organisations marketing ethically to this demographic, and to lobby and campaign against injustice or inequality.

Our principles include the following:

  • Older people are equal members of society and should not be subject to ageist attitudes, stereotyping or conduct
  • Marketing activity that is targeting older people should not patronise, misrepresent or stereotype
  • The use of imagery in marketing and advertising which targets older people should be fair and representative of the diversity of their demographic
  • People whose job it is to market to older people should be understanding and respectful of their needs
  • Older people should be offered a choice of goods and services that meet their needs and preferences at a fair price, and at no disadvantage to other demographics
  • Businesses have a role and responsibility to ensure that products and services support wellbeing in later life, especially for consumers who are vulnerable
  • Financial services should be safe, convenient and accessible. Older people should be able to expect protection and fair treatment
  • Older people should be supported and encouraged to go online but those who cannot or who do not want digital inclusion, should be able to continue to access services and support in a way that suits them and does not patronise them.
  • Digital technology should be available in an accessible and well-designed way which enables older people to maintain their independence, wellbeing, and dignity
  • Older people who want to work should be able to do so and be included within a diverse workforce. Age should not be discriminated against or used as a way of judging whether someone is capable of doing a job, either in current employment or in job applications
  • Older people can find themselves specifically targeted by scammers and other criminals, who prey on their vulnerability. It is the responsibility of industry, Government and the Police to prevent crimes targeted at older people and provide support and guidance for victims