The Silver Marketing Association benefits, as do our Members, from being on the Senate of The Genesis Initiative. Since its formation in 1999, the Genesis Initiative has worked as an umbrella organization, supported by Parliamentarians and enjoying All-Party support across the Houses of Lords and Commons, to harness the collective strength of Trade Associations, Institutions and other groupings who have SMEs within their memberships. Genesis Initiative Senate Members such as ourselves, supported by academic experts, sponsors and other interested parties, formulate consensus opinion with which to lobby the Government and influence the needs of small business to achieve the economic and structural reforms that will enable SMEs to flourish further in the UK.

Small business is the backbone of the UK economy and when it does well the whole country does well, creating new jobs, new ideas, and new wealth when SMEs are thriving. The collective strength of the Genesis Initiative is reflected by 117 Trade Association members of the Senate who represent some one million members between them.

The Senate of The Genesis Initiative meets at least three times during each Parliamentary session, normally in March, June and October. Although we work closely there with other opinion formers in pressing for policy change the better for business, and particularly for SMEs, where change is necessary, we also need to ensure that our voice is your voice, i.e. it always reflects the agenda that you, our Members have prioritised. As part of your range of Benefits as a Silver Marketing Association Member, you are free to contact us at any time with issues, campaigns, or matter of policy you would like us to raise for you in Parliament, either through one of the Genesis Initiative meetings held there, or directly through our other range of contacts.

Genesis have kindly circulated a list of links to some of the Business Support schemes that are currently available:  where you will find the following: – one of many around the country

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Genesis Initiative Meeting

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