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Dr Jacqueline Jeynes PhD, MBA, B. Ed (Hons), B.A(Hons)

A published non-fiction author since 2000, Dr Jeynes is a member of British Guild of Travel Writers, a Distance Learning course writer and tutor, an expert on Small Business Risk Management, and a Guest Blogger on many sites worldwide.

Book titles from 2021-22 include “Targeting the Mature Traveler”, “How a Global Pandemic Changed the way we Travel”, “Managing Health & Safety in a Small Business”, and “Before Hiroshima” (WWII history). An interesting range of topics based on personal interests! Lives in Wales UK.

Jacqueline Jeynes

Chris Simmonds

Chris has spent his entire career of nearly 40 years focused on serving an older demographic in both the commercial and charity sectors.
From 1983 working at Saga Holidays and has headed up Marketing, Sales & Operations before progressing to Managing Director.
In 2010, Chris transferred to the charity sector and led a charity called Revitalise as their CEO offering accessible holiday centres providing 24-hour nursing care serving disabled people and their carers.
He returned to Saga Holidays in March 2020 shortly before the pandemic began and led the business through a difficult period, whilst driving a strategic review and developed a 5-year plan to ensure the business emerged from the crisis in a strong position.

Ali Page, Business Development Consultant

Ali has 35 years of experience within broadcast and digital media, working for some of the biggest names in the industry, including ITV, Jazz FM and Global.
For many years she ran the highly successful Client and Category team at Global, meaning that she has experience across multiple categories and disciplines and has accrued a large and active Linkedin network, many of which have become friends as well as clients.
She is now a freelance Business Development Consultant helping businesses and brands spot growth potential.
She is passionate about challenging stereotypes around age in marketing, particularly as for many years, she represented Classic and Smooth when working for Global, but was more recently involved in the launch of Boom Radio, a national commercial radio station dedicated to the often ignored Baby Boomer generation.

Jean-Marc Flambert

Jean-Marc Flambert is a marketing professional with extensive destination experience, having worked with the governments of Sri Lanka, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Haiti and Gibraltar. He has also worked in the health and social care sector out of a genuine interest to understand the needs of the elderly and to understand how to market to them. His 80 year old mother in Sri Lanka, has inspired him to explore how he can help the serve the elderly. He is launching a programme to bring Sri Lankans to work in the UK social care sector and has other plans within the sector.