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Dr Jacqueline Jeynes PhD, MBA, B. Ed (Hons), B.A(Hons)

A published non-fiction author since 2000, Dr Jeynes is a member of British Guild of Travel Writers, a Distance Learning course writer and tutor, an expert on Small Business Risk Management, and a Guest Blogger on many sites worldwide.

Book titles from 2021-22 include “Targeting the Mature Traveler”, “How a Global Pandemic Changed the way we Travel”, “Managing Health & Safety in a Small Business”, and “Before Hiroshima” (WWII history). An interesting range of topics based on personal interests! Lives in Wales UK.

Chris Simmonds

Chris has spent his entire career of nearly 40 years focused on serving an older demographic in both the commercial and charity sectors.
From 1983 working at Saga Holidays and has headed up Marketing, Sales & Operations before progressing to Managing Director.
In 2010, Chris transferred to the charity sector and led a charity called Revitalise as their CEO offering accessible holiday centres providing 24-hour nursing care serving disabled people and their carers.
He returned to Saga Holidays in March 2020 shortly before the pandemic began and led the business through a difficult period, whilst driving a strategic review and developed a 5-year plan to ensure the business emerged from the crisis in a strong position.

Ali Page, Business Development Consultant

Ali has 35 years of experience within broadcast and digital media, working for some of the biggest names in the industry, including ITV, Jazz FM and Global.
For many years she ran the highly successful Client and Category team at Global, meaning that she has experience across multiple categories and disciplines and has accrued a large and active Linkedin network, many of which have become friends as well as clients.
She is now a freelance Business Development Consultant helping businesses and brands spot growth potential.
She is passionate about challenging stereotypes around age in marketing, particularly as for many years, she represented Classic and Smooth when working for Global, but was more recently involved in the launch of Boom Radio, a national commercial radio station dedicated to the often ignored Baby Boomer generation.

Jean-Marc Flambert

Jean-Marc Flambert is a marketing professional with extensive destination experience, having worked with the governments of Sri Lanka, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Haiti and Gibraltar. He has also worked in the health and social care sector out of a genuine interest to understand the needs of the elderly and to understand how to market to them. His 80 year old mother in Sri Lanka, has inspired him to explore how he can help the serve the elderly. He is launching a programme to bring Sri Lankans to work in the UK social care sector and has other plans within the sector.

John McEwan

John has enjoyed a lifetime career in travel, starting as a trainee and then reaching senior positions in the UK and globally. He was the 1st elected chairman of ABTA.

Today he is a chairman of travel and travel related companies including Holidaysplease.com, Latin Routes, EFR Travel and Ski-Lifts.com, where he enjoys conveying his knowledge and experience. He also brings his vast experience to his role as a trustee of ABTA Lifeline.

John is passionate about travel. He is well travelled and hopes to continue to explore the world. He is a sports enthusiast and also enjoys his frequent visits to his local leisure centre.

David Powell

In his early twenties David was a DJ, spinning his last record in the 1980s when he set up what is now Atlantic Print Media. In 1992 David spotted a niche in his local area establishing a free newspaper, The Ashford Advertiser, which was an instant success. His successful marketing strategy of extensive door to door distribution, plus pick-up at retail outlets, continues with investment in high speed presses. With David’s interest in travel and cruising, the papers have a popular travel section, and YourHolidayTV.com was added to the portfolio in 2012. His idea for a glossy consumer travel magazine came next with Your Holiday & Cruise Magazine available in print and online with travel content from leading writers. The two brands are aimed at over 50s travellers. Funded by advertising, David is always keen to establish new partnerships.

Tony Watts OBE

Tony has spent his career in a mix of comms roles, starting in PR before moving onto marketing and advertising, then journalism. As well as editing business magazines and local newspapers, he was the founding editor of the UK’s first national newspaper for older people. Today he is a freelance copywriter for a wide range of national and regional clients.
Over the last 10 years he has dedicated part of his time representing older people, trying to ensure that their views are heard when decisions are made affecting their lives. His work on behalf of older people was recognised with an OBE in 2014. Co-author of “The Midlife Review”, he also curates a daily news digest:https://paper.li/LaterLifeAGEnda#/

Robyn Griffith-Jones

Robyn has worked in marketing in travel and tourism for 30 years, with past positions as Director of Communications for VisitEngland and senior public affairs and marketing roles with British Airways, the Victoria & Albert Museum and Cunard Line.

She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Tourism Marketing at London South Bank University Business School alongside her consulting work specialising in accessible tourism, with clients such as VisitEngland and VisitScotland.

Robyn is also a Trustee of Tourism for All, the charitable organisation dedicated to improving travel experiences for the disabled and older market through its policy work, its industry endorsed training courses and a UK consumer travel booking platform.

Eleanor Mills

Eleanor Mills is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Noon.org.uk a new platform for women in midlife. New research conducted by Noon shows that women 45-60 are a massively underserved cohort by brands with 60% saying they would be more likely to buy from companies who address them directly.

Previously Eleanor was Editor of The Sunday Times Magazine, Editorial Director of The Sunday Times, a columnist and interviewer for the paper for 23 years and Chair of Women in Journalism 2014-2021. She is passionate about changing the narrative about the later stages of women’s lives. Noon provides inspiring stories of transformation, access to experts (through courses, events and retreats) and helps its community of ABC1 women move into their joyful and purposeful next chapter. In the hundred year life, fifty is only halfway through. That’s why we called it Noon. Our motto is: So Much More to Come.

Tina Woods

Tina Woods is a mission-driven social entrepreneur and system architect bringing diverse stakeholders together in shared endeavours to improve and level up health. She is Founder and CEO of Collider Health and works with private, public and third sectors, including UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)’s Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy, NHS AI Lab, and emerging Integrated Care Systems. She is the Healthy Longevity Champion for the National Innovation Centre for Ageing, aiming to accelerate ageing intelligence and secure UKRI’s strategic aims to ensure better health, ageing and wellbeing in the UK and globally.
Tina is director of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity secretariat and leads the Open Life Data Framework. She is Co-Founder and CEO of Business for Health, a social venture working with the CBI, bringing ‘Health’ into ‘ESG’ mandates to support sustainable innovation and investment in preventative health and care.

Peter Stratton

Peter’s early career in the City of London was followed by rebuilding the brand for a company that experienced an infamous tragedy, followed by historic industrial relations issues. The next hurdle he faced involved the re-birth of a former nationalised industry requiring delicate industrial relations negotiations and brand repositioning, to achieve massive growth targets. He spent another period of dramatic change in a sector that was soon to have up to 50% of its annual revenues and profits extinguished overnight. Now in his fifth decade of working, Peter is assisting a small, private charity to create opportunities for adults with learning disabilities.

Mike Mansfield

Mike is the CEO of ProAge, and is a seasoned thought leader on the topics of longevity, age-inclusion and multigenerational workplaces. ProAge is a UK charity dedicated to creating age-inclusive workplaces and high-performing multigenerational teams.
The focus of Mike’s thought leadership work has been on building solidarity between stakeholders to create sustainable solutions that are inclusive of vulnerable groups where no one is left behind.
Mike was responsible for the establishment of the Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement, a collaboration of international experts, and has authored and published 13 reports on retirement security with insights and recommendations for governments, employers and individuals. He also developed and piloted the Silver Starters program to help people age 50+ understand entrepreneurship and help them start their own business.
Pro bono has included workshops for BraveStarts, and a volunteer for a local animal shelter.
Mike is based in Amsterdam, is originally from Dublin, and has worked in San Francisco.

Gary Hall

Gary has worked in the area of personal development for over twenty-five years and has learnt his craft well.

He is an Inspirational, motivational coach helping over 50s find purpose and meaning in their lives.

Gary works with men & women in their 50s and beyond, who are thinking about their future and want change – a change catalyst if you like. He helps them take control, take action and make things happen. Supporting them to be happy, confident, fulfilled, curious, adventurous and to have fun.

Cathy Bartrop

Cathy is a travel writer, video producer, presenter and editor. She started her career as a graduate trainee with Saga Holidays in 1983. After gaining corporate experience with Thomas Cook and Ocean Cruise Lines, in 1989 she set up her own business focused on travel media and began to specialise in video production.
Almost 20 successful freelance producer years went by before video on demand became a reality, creating an opportunity to offer specialised content to an online audience. Cathy seized that opportunity, creating and distributing trusted travel content specifically for the 50+ traveller. travelguru.tv launched in 2008 and, despite the challenges of the pandemic, is going strong.
Offering a wealth of travel industry and video production experience, Cathy is keen to explore opportunities to collaborate with other Silver Marketing Association members.

Mike Newman

Mike has over 20 years’ travel trade experience, of which 18 were spent as a consultant working with a wide range of attraction, museum and destination clients across the UK.

In 2003, Mike founded b2me Tourism Marketing which provides individual, group or DMO level bespoke strategy, marketing, representation and travel trade engagement workshops.

b2me has extensive experience in working with the seniors groups and individual market; including specific engagement strategies for the accommodation, museums and attractions sector. b2me also owns the digital platform Travel Trade Ready, the UK’s only portal to test any supplier businesses’ alignment to key criteria that trade buyers require.

Al Campbell

Al has spent his life in advertising and marketing as an agency principal and creative director, and client side in Marketing Director and Communications Director roles.

Recently he has focused on his perennial skillset of copywriting, in areas from cruising thru’ financial services with a major focus on the over 50s. He believes young copywriters have no business writing for older people – ‘if they don’t have the life experience of saving for and facing retirement and increased leisure time, they shouldn’t be writing about pensions and holidays’, he says.

Currently Al is also involved in demystifying cryptocurrency for people of all ages.

Lucy Standing

Lucy is a co-founder of Brave Starts CIC – a non profit who see being over 50 as an asset. They’re building the blueprint for how people can figure out how to make this the best and most fulfilling time of their careers.

Lucy is a Chartered Psychologist, Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society and Certified Principle Psychologist with the Association for Business Psychology (ABP) for which she was Vice Chair for nearly 10 years. Prior to her nonprofit career, she worked in the strategy consulting and investment banking sectors.