As part of your membership of the Silver Marketing Association, we are delighted to be able to share with you valuable resources to help with your day to day marketing plans and activity, and which complement the Reports, Blog and […]
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FREE Video Audit

Is your video marketing strategy up to scratch, non existent or needing an injection of inspiration?
Video marketing is widely recognised as one of the most effective digital marketing strategies, both to build trust in your brand and as a vital component in conversion of enquiry to sale. Insider production knowledge and first hand distribution experience could be invaluable. Cathy Bartrop has over 30 years experience in production and distribution of video content for the 50+ sector and is offering to share the benefit of her experience with a (no strings attached) FREE video audit including:
* A frank assessment of where you are at with existing content, distribution and ROI
* Suggestions for improvement both in terms of time and budget commitment
* Support, if needed, to develop a brief for fresh video content creation.


Subscribe to the USA ROAR Report

From our international partners in the USA, Silver Marketing Association members can enjoy a discount subscription to The ROAR Report. It's the essential business intelligence newsletter focusing on the premier segment of the 50+ marketplace – Re-Imagineers. This educated and professional segment is redefining their later life chapters by refiring their lives rather than retiring. The ROAR Report’s original content, trend analysis, and expert insights is the one-stop-shop for the information you need to understand and effectively communicate with one of the world’s most important cohorts–the 50+ Re-Imagineer

FREE 60 minute Consultation

In short, 60 minutes to lean into our extensive marketing and communications experience. Great if you constantly find yourself pinballing from one idea to another or are overwhelmed by all the stuff you should be doing or just suffering from content fatigue. Perhaps you’re running low on inspiration and motivation and interested in getting another view on the opportunities for your brand. Whatever the marketing and communications questions that are buzzing around in your mind, have a chat to DAPS Agency . Let them help you work out the right next steps for you.

Business Review

An exclusive service to members to improve engagement of the later life market, including: a short questionnaire to establish current positioning, a 60 minute follow-up discovery call, and a full review of current marketing activity across all channels. This is followed by a detailed report, summarising observations and actionable recommendations for brand and business growth, with a 60 minute summary call to discuss the report and its findings
Normally £500, this service is available to Silver Marking Association members for just £350.

Experienced in marketing strategy for the later life sector, Mash Marketing founder Rachel Pease has led the reports on Effective Brand Positioning for the Over 50s Market and Fifty Shades of Silver: Customer Segmentation in collaboration with the Silver Marketing Association.

ITV Backing Business

We are delighted to announce that ITV and Silver Marketing Association have teamed up to help Silver Marketing Members tap into a valuable, but often underserved market, in two ways:
1. Promoting joint research from ITV and System1 called Wise Up!, your guidebook for making ads with greater appeal to over-55s.
2. Launching a significant new fund to give new and lapsed TV brands, aiming to engage over-55s, the opportunity to test and scale TV advertising to grow their business.

Virtual Presentations

Top Tips for Virtual Presentations - We’ve all learned more about virtual presentations since the start of the pandemic, but could you be undermining yourself and / or your organisation's brand and image whilst online?
Exclusively for Silver Marketing Association Members, Roy Sheppard of, a former BBC reporter and the recipient of "Virtual Presenter of the Year (UK) 2021 shares a massive number of practical tips used by professionals to help enhance your online presence. Watch the video now

Free Website Accessibility Report

Website performance has a significant impact on how your audience interacts and engages with your site. From getting discovered, load times and security through to accessibility which is a key consideration when you are marketing to older audiences. The web has seen some very important changes in the last 3 years, including the pivot to mobile, the growing relevance of graphics and the appearance of interactive and immersive sites.
Greenwood Campbell use their experience and expertise to help organisations specialising in later living perform better online, and are offering Silver Marketing Association members a free 'website analysis report' which will:
• Analyse your website’s current digital performance against accessibility, SEO and speed performance
• Evaluate the results and give our best suggestions

Free consultation

Mosaic is a powerful cross-channel consumer classification system built for today's multi-channel world. It has evolved to help you understand your customers' likely characteristics and communicate with them in the most relevant ways. It allows you to ensure you are relevant to them, so you can reach the right people with the right message at the right time – every time. Contact us now for access and to arrange your free 30 minute consultation.

Members who've taken advantage so far include:
Creative Precision & Media Marketing
Brave Starts

Free JICMail access and save 10% on Direct Mail

Through Eight Days a Week Print Solutions (EDWPS), we are delighted to offer members free standard access to JICMail as well as training, webinars and a free review of your existing direct mail campaigns.
JICMail is the Joint Industry Committee for Direct Mail which surveys over 1,000 different households each month and provides essential insights into the actions taken with mail in customers' homes. Their database has details of over 230,000 direct mail pieces. Reactions and actions are monitored and analysed, and provide valuable data-driven marketing information to help inform, plan and measure direct mail campaigns. EDWPS are a JICMail Platinum Partner – one of only a handful in the UK – giving them exclusive access and the highest level of training to support you.
They are also Royal Mail Premier Partners, giving access to ACORN and Mosaic profiling, use of Royal Mail’s Door to Door booking system, direct mail testing incentives and Eyetracker Software, all of which improve your direct mail campaign performance and reach highly targeted audiences.
EDWPS are offering our members an exclusive 10% discount on print and production for your next mailing campaign with them.

Image library

The Centre for Ageing Better are providing our members with access to their library showing ‘positive and realistic’ images of older people in a bid to challenge negative and stereotypical views of later life. The images show a more realistic depiction of ageing and old age – to provide alternatives to the commonly used pictures of ‘wrinkly hands’ or walking sticks. The library, which contains over 400 images and will be regularly updated, offers organisations a wide selection of images that avoid stereotypes associated with older people. Images in the library are free for use and cover various themes related to ageing such as health, community activity and employment.

Summit Recordings

We understand that it isn't always possible for you to always be available attend our events in-person. That's why we record our events as they happen and make them available to on-demand. Now you can can pause, replay, and watch our videos at your leisure. For your convenience we publish the video footage of these events on our own YouTube channel. Don't worry about it if you've missed events that have already happened, as archival videos of older events are also accessible as a membership benefit. Head over to our video area now to start watching!

Summit Presentations

At the Silver Marketing Summit 2022, there was an incredible line up of speakers, providing insight into the diverse over 50's consumer. The summit was a must attend event for marketing teams who target this demographic. The collection of presentations from the day are available to members.

Webinar Recordings

We understand that it isn't always possible for you to always be available to watch our webinars as they're broadcast live. That's why we record our events as they happen and make them available to on-demand. Now you can can pause, replay, and watch our videos at your leisure. For your convenience we publish the video footage of our webinars on our own YouTube channel. Don't worry about it if you've missed webinars that have already happened, as archival videos of older webinars are also accessible as a membership benefit. Head over to our recordings area now to start watching!

Webinar Presentations

As part of your membership of the Silver Marketing Association, we are delighted to be able to share with you our webinar presentations. In addition, you can find the webinar recordings, which compliment the presentations, in our webinar and summit recordings section on the website.

Silver Reports

Exclusively for members, we have a collection of insightful reports, available to download, focussed purely on the over 50's audience to enable marketeers to understand this diverse demographic

Genesis Initiative

The Silver Marketing Association benefits, as do our Members, from being on the Senate of The Genesis Initiative. Since its formation in 1999, the Genesis Initiative has worked as an umbrella organization, supported by Parliamentarians and enjoying All-Party support across the Houses of Lords and Commons, to harness the collective strength of Trade Associations, Institutions and other groupings who have SMEs within their memberships. Genesis Initiative Senate Members, such as ourselves, supported by academic experts, sponsors and other interested parties, formulate consensus opinion with which to lobby the Government and influence the needs of small business to achieve the economic and structural reforms that will enable SMEs to flourish further in the UK.

Bank of England

Steve Huxham, our Policy & Public Affairs Director is a regular guest at the Bank of England working lunch events. This is an opportunity for our association to meet the relevant BoE Agent and feedback directly current trends or concerns in the market. The BoE are particularly keen to engage, especially with SMEs through Membership Associations, as they recognise that they otherwise risk being disconnected from the “real world.” Big companies can make their voices heard through lobbying and PR, but of course it is the SMEs, often without that sort of voice, who make up the majority of the UK economy. These meetings and the information passed on to the Agent(s) running the sessions, in turn are fed back to BoE senior management and help to shape policy.

Silver Bulletin

The Silver Bulletin is our monthly newsletter exclusively for members of the Silver Marketing Association. Since our launch at the start of the year, we’ve been busy informing, networking and campaigning in addition to organising our Annual Summit. We’re delighted that you’ve chosen to be a member of our association, and we very much hope you enjoy reading our monthly updates.

Member Logo

The Silver Marketing Association Member logo for authorised use on all our members websites and marketing materials. By displaying this logo as a member of the Silver Marketing Association, this means that your organisation adheres to our ethical marketing values in respect of age. We believe that these are your values too, and we are happy for you to show this publicly through the use of our logo.

One of our members, Accord Marketing, have the Member logo displayed on their website, where the logo is displayed at the base of the homepage.