Article by Brooke Day, Head of Brand & Communications at PensionBee

Love is one of our five PensionBee values, driving everything we do from the way we communicate, to the products we design and the way we market ourselves. As we’re on a mission to make pensions simple so that everyone can look forward to a happy retirement, we’ve long been dedicated to celebrating the diversity of our customers and showcasing the different experiences within our community.

After reading a report from Anything But Grey about the marketing industry’s age-related blind spot, I wanted to ensure we continue representing a core demographic of our customer base, the over 50s, in our next marketing campaign. To date, we’ve featured customers in their 50s enjoying a campervan as well as walking along the beach, and this time set out to showcase customers at home enjoying their everyday lives. It was important to us that we were visualising and reflecting back what people belonging to that age group actually look like and not just a stereotype.


In January, we sent a call out in our newsletter looking for enthusiastic customers to be a part of our marketing materials and digital campaigns. We were inundated with customers keen to share their story with us. Along with one of our Customer Experience Researchers I spent time speaking to the customers who’d responded and getting to know their stories and seeing who may compliment each other in this campaign.  We selected six customers to join our existing bank of customer testimonials, which seeks to amplify our customers’ voices in the media and share their experiences of the pensions industry. Of our new additions, half are over 50. Whilst this shouldn’t be a surprising statistic given the industry we’re in, we’re really proud of ensuring we visually represent this age group across our website, digital assets and offline in an authentic way.


Moira, Fiesal and Ed, who are all over 50, are three of our 229,000 invested customers. This genuine representation helps add authenticity and honesty to our marketing. They were used in the campaign alongside Suzette, Alex, Kezia and Jackson, her French Bulldog. We wanted to showcase how our customers are preparing for retirement as well as how they’re enjoying retirement now they’ve decided to take it. We’re committed to highlighting the real people that are combining, contributing and withdrawing from their pensions with PensionBee.


Author: Brooke Day, Pension Bee