The ROAR Report is the essential business intelligence newsletter focusing on the premier segment of the 50+ marketplace Re-Imagineers. This educated and professional segment is redefining their later life chapters by refiring their lives rather than retiring. The ROAR Report’s original content, trend analysis, and expert insights is the one-stop-shop for the information you need to understand and effectively communicate with one of the world’s most important cohorts–the 50+ Re-Imagineer.

Why is The ROAR Report a Must Read?
People turning 50 today may live 40 more years. Currently, people 50+ represent the world’s third largest economy and its wealthiest demographic. They are business leaders entrepreneurs, and the key drivers of spending and commerce in this country. The ROAR forward Re-Imagineers are redefning this age segment by debunking old stereotypes about aging by starting new careers, new lifestyles, and challenging everything we thought about the second half of life.

What Is The ROAR Report?
This comprehensive email report will bring to you consistently valuable information, insights, and education about The New Longevity marketplace and the Re-Imagineers.

Key insights will support various departments in your organization:

  • C-Suite Leadership
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Communications and Outreach
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Employee Relations, HR, Hiring, and Benefts

The ROAR Report will feature expert information across many businesses and disciplines:

  • Health/Wellness/Nutrition
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Real Estate & Home
  • Travel & Experiential
  • Wealth Management & Philanthropy
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Work & The Workplace
  • Media & Marketing

Who Produces the ROAR ReporT?
The ROAR Report, produced by ROAR forward (a partnership company with Hearst Ventures), is focused on The New Longevity and Re-Imagineers. The company was launched in 2022 by Michael Clinton, former President and Publishing Director, Hearst Magazines and the author of ROAR Into The Second Half of Your Life. This B2B newsletter will be written by a distinguished group of Resident Experts and contributors who will make the ROAR Report an indispensable mix of reporting, analysis, opinion, trend spotting, and predictions.

The ROAR Report Resident Experts include:
• Science & Medicine – Dr. Mark Lachs, Cornell Weill Medicine
• Demographics – Bradley Schurman, The SuperAge
• Trend Spotting –
• Data & Insights – John Dick, CivicScience
• Longevity Insights – Dr. Laura Carstensen, Stanford Center on Longevity

When Will I Receive The ROAR Report?
Annual subscriptions include 4 robust quarterly reports and 24 bi-monthly bulletins. The 4 quarterlies feature 6-10 in-depth original content pieces that will help readers better understand, communicate to, and service people 50+ who are making The New Longevity a reality. In addition, you will receive bulletins twice per month that will direct readers to important issues and stories about this demographic. The ROAR Report team will add context and insights to The ROAR Report Bulletin to keep subscribers on the cutting edge of this next cultural revolution.

For an annual subscription price of $3,500 you will receive 4 quarterlies and 24 bulletins.

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