Silver Marketing Association International Partners

ROAR forward, in partnership with Hearst and based in New York City, provides business intelligence on the significance of the growing 50+ population – their behaviors and attitudes, along with a new study and recommended tactics to connect with them.

Offerings include the ROAR Report and Bulletins; C-Suite Leadership Roundtables; New Longevity insights; and more to reach the "Re-Imagineers," the segment of the 50+ population that is re-imagining the second half of life.

The founder is Michael Clinton, a best-selling author, new longevity expert, thought leader and keynote speaker on the changing face of what it means to live longer. A former president and publishing director of Hearst Magazines, he now serves as the special media advisor to the Hearst Corporation's CEO.


Published by our International Partners, ROARforward, The ROAR Report is the essential business intelligence newsletter focusing on the premier segment of the 50+ marketplace Re-Imagineers. This educated and professional segment is redefining their later life chapters by refiring their lives rather than retiring. The ROAR Report’s original content, trend analysis, and expert insights is the one-stop-shop for the information you need to understand and effectively communicate with one of the world’s most important cohorts–the 50+ Re-Imagineer.

The Roar Report