Have Bag Will Travel!

Dr Jacqueline Jeynes

Why the title “Have Bag will Travel!” for my current book? It could, of course, mean anything in the context of travelling, but there is a specific context here.

While it is generally accepted that the mature travel sector is a growing market, it is not always clear how you define it. After all, someone in their early 50s is unlikely to be looking for the same holiday experience as their parents! Researching for the book on strategies for targeting the mature traveller ([1] Jeynes, J. 2021), it was clear that the potential difference in what these age groups are looking for is not fully recognised – how they search for, book, and choose a holiday for instance. It was also clear that the older traveller is much more adventurous than might be expected and is looking for more than a beach holiday or ocean cruise.

By the time we were in the middle of the COVID19 global pandemic, difficulties it presented were devastating for the travel industries ([2] Jeynes, J. 2023). However, by 2023, these are the ones who were keen to get out there and continue exploring the world. They were looking for somewhere new and exciting while being aware of the environmental impact on the destination. So, definitely significant changes to the Bucket List emerging.

Back to this latest title. There are many holidays that cater for people with some form of restriction to the way they live their lives, not always related to age. My husband has experienced several significant health issues during the last year resulting in sight impairment (blind in the left eye) and a colostomy. What does this mean for our future travel plans and experiences?

The book “Have Bag will Travel!” relates to the stoma bag and what problems it might present. He isn’t ‘disabled’ as such, does not need a wheelchair, just walks more slowly with a stick and cannot do stairs unless I give him a shove up each step!

Sadly, this means no coastal walks or exploring too far from our bas location. But we believe we can travel much as we did before with careful planning and without special provision. Over the next 12 months to mid-2025, we will be travelling where we can, noting if/when/where we encounter any problems. Not expecting any really as the stoma bag is actually unobtrusive, and we know many celebrities have carried on working successfully with one. Not sure about flying yet but we are hoping to do a river cruise like the River Rhine we did a few years ago. In June 2024, we are travelling by train from London to Hannover so that will be an experience!

The Stoma Society love the title of the book, as do the stoma nurses we have met, and the whole caring community will find something of interest. They have also asked me to start a blog to follow our progress over the year so that is my next task.

If you or your organisation are willing to help or support us in some way over the coming months, that would be great. If you already have experience and examples of travelling with a stoma bag, please let me know. It is certainly going to be more of an adventure than usual, and probably needs some adjustments to our usual travel planning list!






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Dr Jacqueline Jeynes is a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers and shortlisted for the BGTW Travel Book award 2023/ reviewer for Silver Travel Advisor for many years/ a member of the Silver Marketing Association and Judge of three categories for their Inaugural Marketing Awards in 2023/ Member of Non-Fiction Author’s Association (NFAA) and reviewer of books submitted for their author awards. Her interests include theatre and opera, food and wine, and art.

The latest books published by Business Expert Press in New York include:

[1] Targeting the Mature Traveler: Developing Strategies for an Emerging Market 2021

[2] How a Global Pandemic Changed the Way we Travel 2023