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The year 2030 marks an important demographic turning point in U.S. history as it’s the moment when all baby boomers will be older than the age of 65. This will mean that 1 in every 5 citizens will be of retirement age.

We are delighted to welcome three outstanding contributors to this special Stateside discussion, Adriane Berg, Karen Sands and Sharon Solomon Rose where we talk about what silver marketing looks like in the USA. How is the older market regarded when it comes to ageism? What parallels can be drawn with the UK, and what are the differences? What are the shining examples of good marketing and where is it going wrong? This is an interesting and pragmatic discussion, packed with real examples and insights, and delivered by three experts in the field: essential viewing for marketers who specialise in the silver sector.

Karen Sands is recognised by Forbes and Leader to Leader as one of the world’s leading futurists, and she is the author of many books about longevity and the future of ageing including The Ageless Way and Gray is the New Green. She is the founder of the Futures by Design Institute and Ageless Way Academy.


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Adriane Berg is an Emmy-winning broadcaster, and Founder of Generation Bold Consulting.  She is the host of the podcast, The Fountain of Truth About Aging, and draws from her experience as a United Nations Representative for the International Federation on Aging. In the UK, Adriane has worked with Lord Filkin and Tina Woods of the All Parliamentary Committee on Longevity.

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Sharon Solomon Rose is a Social Gerontologist, and founder of Wisdom Associates, Smart Solutions for Ageing Well. She is an active contributor to many Linked-In discussions and forums and is committed to spreading wisdom and insights about healthier ageing, intergenerational communities and companies and including agetech devices for enhancing the quality of our lives.

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Our three guests collectively have a deep understanding of the ageing market in the USA, and a breadth of skills and experience.

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