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Silver Consumer Panel

Part of our series of watch-on-demand webinars, exclusively for members of the Silver Marketing Association, sharing insights and tips covering a range of subjects about how to market more effectively to an older audience.

With our latest webinar, we take a slightly different stance and with our consumer panel, you’ll be able to listen to our online round table discussion with a panel of silver consumers, all aged in their mid to late 60s, facilitated by our Marketing Services Director, Jane Silk.

Direct Marketing and the Silver Consumer

Part of our series of watch-on-demand webinars, exclusively for members of the Silver Marketing Association, and sharing insights and tips from our expert guest presenters covering a range of subjects about how to market more effectively to an older audience.

Direct Marketing takes centre stage for this webinar. It’s at the heart of many campaigns targeting silver consumers, and we look at both print and digital channels.

PR and the Silver Consumer

As all marketers will know, PR is very much an art not a science, and good PR is priceless. We have three guests joining the webinar: Grace Parker,a partner at FINN Partners, film maker & TV presenter Alex Bescoby, and Singapore Tourism Senior Manager, Melanie Jones. Together they gives us a wide range of tips and insights into the world of PR for silver consumers, as well as showcasing a textbook example of PR gold.

Marketing crypto-currency to a silver audience

Our series of Silver Marketing Association “watch-on-demand” webinars, look at a different industry in each session, speaking to experts in the sector, and gaining valuable insights about how products and services are being marketed to silver consumers.

It's the turn of the financial sector, and our guest speakers are Katharine Wooller and Andy Field from the UK’s leading crypto wealth & education platform Dacxi.

Silver Marketing Summit - Session 1

The Silver Marketing Summit offers marketer the opportunity to enjoy a full day of expert speakers and networking sessions.

Google insights into the 55+ market
Adam Hetherington – Agency Development Manager, Google Customer Solutions

Advertising’s Unconscious Bias: Marketing to the over 50s
Jasman Ahmad – Strategy Director, Accord Marketing

The Audio Revolution
Tony McAllister – Partnerships Development Director – Global

Iain Dale – Presenter of LBC’s weekday evening show & host of “For the Many” Podcast

Silver Marketing Summit - Session 2

How dare you talk to me like that!?
Michael King, Managing Director, Senior Response

Keeping it relevant for over half a century
Louise Robinson – Editor, Saga Magazine

What do mid-life women really really want?
Eleanor Mills – former editor of the Sunday Times Magazine and founder of Noon

Silver Marketing Summit - Session 3

Mirror on the Industry – Representation of Older People in TV Advertising
Katya Des-Etages – Research Executive Channel 4
Felicity Ive – Senior Client Lead Channel 4
Meta Redstedt – Global Master Brand & Communications Director, Essity.
Laura Hazell – Board Account Director, AMV BBDO

Marketing, financial advice and the 50+ audience
Karen Barrett, Founder & CEO of Unbiased

Effective brand positioning – tools for targeting older clients
Rachel Pease – Head of Marketing & Communications – Pure Retirement

Silver Marketing Summit - Session 4

Imagery and language in advertising and marketing
Jess Kuehne – Senior Programme Manager – Centre for Ageing Better

Flow Like Water – the evolution of Silver Magazine
Sam Harrington-Lowe – Founder & Managing Editor, Silver Magazine

Expert Panel – Lifestyle & Travel Behaviour
Jon Worsnop: Deputy Editor, Weekend Magazine, Mail Metro Media
Cat Jordan: Communications Director, Travelzoo
Stuart Lewis: CEO, Rest Less
Lisa McAuley: Managing Director, Silver Travel Advisor
Moderator: Sally Winfield, CEO Accord Marketing

Silver Talent: are you missing out?

This insightful 45 minute webinar was led by Steve Huxham from the Silver Marketing Association. Steve is an internationally known Recruitment & Direct Hire Strategist & HR Advisor. He was joined by Mike Mansfield, thought leader in senior entrepreneurship and founder of the Silver Starters award; Andy Collings, General Manager – Careers, Learning & Insight at Rest Less, the digital community which offers work and careers guidance for the over 50s; and Peter Stratton, veteran recruiter and now in his 5th decade in the workforce.

This webinar:
explored current issues and success stories
reviewed initiatives to balance age diversity
advised how businesses that serve or sell to the Silver market can ensure that their own workplaces reflect their customers
Can you afford, in every sense of that word, to risk being a loser in the war for Silver Talent?

Fair & ethical marketing to older audiences

This 45 minute training webinar was led by our training specialist Jane Silk and was based on the Silver Marketing Association Guiding Principles that older people are equal members of society and should not be subject to ageist attitudes, stereotyping or conduct. And that people whose job it is to market to older people should be understanding and respectful of their needs. Responsible organisations have a key role to play in identifying and protecting older people when they market to them and interact with them. At a time when scamming, fraud and unethical practices are rising, customers need to be able to turn to organisations they have complete confidence in and can fully trust.

Outline content of the webinar
The myths about the market
Sentiment analysis: understanding the psychology of ageing and how it affects communications.
Exploring the mature market mind-sets and improving performance through more effective marketing communications.
Overcoming stereotypical thinking
Learn the specific tools and techniques for reaching the different audience groups
Learn what typically alienates mature customers
Segmentation strategies