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Marketing Homes for Later Living – A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma?

Whichever way we look at the complex subject of marketing homes for Later Living, it sometimes seems that more questions emerge than answers: is it affordable? Are we marketing the right products and services to the right age ranges within the broader demographic? Is the UK ready and prepared for some of the new concepts being developed in this field? Will anyone lend to older people to finance change? Or even, can we as a country afford not to win the hearts and minds of consumers for a fundamental shift in thinking?

As a topical and very necessary subject to open our 2023 series of Silver Marketing Association watch-on-demand webinars, our Panel share their expertise to dispel some of the “fog” surrounding this area, outlining the product and marketing initiatives their organisations are taking. They  also give us ideas of what we can expect to see as emerging trends here as the year progresses.

We are very pleased to welcome to our expert Panel:

  • Romesh Dharmasingham, Director of Home Instead;
  • Jonathan McKinley, New Development Marketing Manager at Anchor Group

Watch-on-demand Webinar here