Silver Marketing Association webinar – PR for the Silver Consumer

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As all marketers will know, PR is very much an art not a science, and good PR is priceless. We have three guests joining the webinar:  Grace Parker,a partner at FINN Partners, film maker & TV presenter Alex Bescoby, and Singapore Tourism Senior Manager, Melanie Jones. Together they gives us a wide range of tips and insights into the world of PR for silver consumers, as well as showcasing a textbook example of PR gold.

FINN Partners is an award-winning agency that specialises in travel and hospitality communications, and Grace is expert in creating and implementing strategic communications campaigns with impact. She’s worked with some amazing brands throughout her career and was at TUI, the world’s largest travel company, for over a decade where she led the communications on the rebrand from Thomson to TUI. She also was responsible for global PR campaigns that delivered coverage across multiple channels with some headline-grabbing innovations including free-runners on cruise ships and water projections to open new hotels.

Alex Bescoby is an award-winning British filmmaker and TV presenter. His project, The Last Overland, was a recreation of one of the 20th century’s most iconic and challenging road journeys, remaking history through a 20,000 mile road expedition from Singapore to London. The story began in 1955 as The First Overland, then in 2019 it became the Last Overland and in 2022 it evolved into a book, and a Channel 4 TV series. From a PR perspective, it’s a textbook example of sustained reach and coverage, and its appeal to a silver audience, as well as the multi-generational dimension, is clear from watching the trailer and our discussion with Alex.


Our final guest is Melanie Jones who has overseen Marketing Communications for the Singapore Tourism Board for twelve and a half years.  She is responsible for Northern & Southwestern Europe which covers the UK, Nordics Spain & Portugal. Melanie talks about the different news stories which resulted from The Last Overland and gave outstanding exposure for Singapore, as well as why Singapore is a destination has a particular resonance with an older demographic.