Complimentary Clinics for Silver Marketing Summit delegates

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Do you want to build your confidence in communicating with passion and purpose? Do you want to build a marketing team with even more courage and conviction, to love their work and achieve better results?

The ‘Marketing on Purpose’ 20-minute leadership clinics will be running throughout the day at the Silver Marketing Summit, in a dedicated room, to help you answer these questions and boost your team’s marketing power!

Led by Craig Goldblatt from Living on Purpose, during the 1-2-1 meeting, he will explore your biggest challenge and give you resources and ideas on how to:

* Grow the courage and confidence of your team
* Build deeper relationships between your team
* Highlight solutions to fears and anxiety within individuals

Over the last 20+ years Craig has worked with over 100,000 people within teams and can add great value towards your success.

“The positive impact Craig has had on my team has helped us produce a record year!” 

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“Everything went so well, Craig was nothing short of BRILLIANT” easyJet

Available only for Silver Marketing Summit delegates

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