Do you want to see significant improvements in your marketing without recruiting new staff?

In these times of change, owners and directors are often making decisions to hold back on investment, or take their business in a different direction all together.

Marketing departments are often the first to be impacted by this either with resources being stretched or staff simply not having the rights experience or skills to develop and deliver commercially viable marketing plans.

More and more, we are being asked to support our clients in up-skilling, upgrading or kickstarting their marketing effort without investing in new staff or disrupting business growth and operations.

Our coaching and mentoring can include:

  • Interviewing and assessing marketing staff
  • 360-degree reviews including external suppliers and agencies
  • Assessing department and individual objectives and priorities 
  • Crafting individual coaching and mentoring programmes 
  • Refocusing efforts and restructuring teams
  • Developing bespoke training programmes 

Working together

Our team works very closely with clients, shadowing individual team members to build on their strengths and identify their blind spots.

We aim to build trust and implement change within a short timescale. Agency suppliers are often an equal focus of attention to ensure they are expertly briefed, managed, and are adding the right level of value to growing organisations.

For more information, contact Marketing Services Director, Jane Silk