Organisations of any size and in any sector often have one common issue that unites them: people challenges of all kinds.  

Whether it be attracting and recruiting the right people in the best way in a difficult employment market,  the retention and development of key employees, or handling the exit of a staff member properly and sensitively, this wide range of challenges can arise, often unexpectedly, at any stage of the employment lifecycle.  

Some of those challenges may also relate to one of the core areas of interest for the Silver Marketing Association: maintaining and developing an age-diverse workplace. 

For those lacking the benefit of an in-house professional HR Department, and sometimes even for those who have one, it can sometimes be useful to speak to an external and impartial “sounding board” on such challenges.  

As part of our benefits package to our Members, the Silver Marketing Association are pleased to offer a free initial consultation service on any HR issue*, based on the 36 years of experience in HR Consulting to businesses of all kinds by our Policy Director, Steve Huxham. 

Please contact for further information and to arrange a consultation with Steve.  

*Please note that we can only offer initial conversations as a free part of the Silver Marketing Association Membership Benefits package, and cannot offer legally binding advice, such as that provided by an Employment Solicitor. If we think you require professional advice and services, we will advise you accordingly.