Does your brand genuinely reflect your business, your products, and your people?

A brand is not just your logo, your name, the colours in your marketing, or your strapline, it goes much deeper than this.

Your brand encompasses every connection point your customers have with your organisation and extends to your internal culture and the way in which you engage with suppliers and stakeholders.

Many of our clients come to us knowing that their brand is not a true reflection of their organisation. This may be because their business has evolved, they’ve not previously invested in brand development or simply because their market or competitor set has changed.

Where we can help

We work with clients to really understand their organisation, their target audience and their business objectives. Our unique Brand Cycle Model is an excellent diagnostic tool for understanding how your customers interact with your organisation and developing your brand promise and proposition. We help develop brands through:

  • Staff research and engagement workshops
  • Customer and market research
  • Shaping your brand promise
  • Developing your proposition
  • Developing your brand and business DNA
  • Brand look and feel
  • Brand guidelines and monitoring

Working together

We work extremely closely with clients when we are engaged on brand projects. This is because we really need to get to the heart of their organisation, to find out what makes it tick and where its key strengths and weaknesses are. We break down who you are to build a better, stronger more engaging and successful brand as a result.

For more information, contact Marketing Services Director, Jane Silk