Silver Marketing Association Services

Do you want to tap into this highly lucrative target market?

The Silver Marketing Association offers a range of services to businesses wanting to reach and influence the mature market.

Who would benefit from these services?

Commercially savvy businesses – those who know that the fastest growing and most affluent group of people in the UK are not the 20-40-year olds, but the over 50s.

Businesses whose products are relevant to all age groups, yet their marketing teams have fallen into the trap of only targeting or profiling younger people in their communications.

Why bother with over 50s training?

Your marketing campaigns would look completely different if you were targeting a 20 year old, 30 year old and 45 year old. It would make no commercial sense to use the same campaign to target a group of people with a 25 year age span. But most marketeers lump customers together just because they are over the age of 50. The attitudes and behaviours of a 50 year old are so very different from someone who is 75.

Mature customers are one of the most fragmented audiences in the UK today and refuse to be typecast or stereotyped. This proves a challenge for even the most senior marketing professionals, but with the majority of marketeers being under the age of 30, marketing teams are struggling to understand how to capitalise on this very diverse and highly profitable market.

Where we can help

Our interactive workshops inform, educate, energise, and excite the marketing professionals about the importance of this market, its fragmented nature, and its enormous potential.

Our lively and entertaining sessions have been developed to challenge stereotypes and help marketeers start to really understand the mindsets of these audiences. Marketing professionals come away from the workshop with a better understanding of what these audiences think, how they buy and how to reach them more effectively and above all profitably.

For more information, contact Marketing Services Director, Jane Silk